The sense of nature and life in harmony with nature began in a distant childhood, which is remembered as a fairy tale.

The time when they lived in the countryside, their home farm, was quite different from now, but it gave them a rural upbringing as they grew up in the countryside and worked the land. We grew vegetables and grains and kept the animals for food.

Already in early childhood, the life and movement of birds and animals living in the forest had to be noticed, that trees provide shade and small frogs need burrows as a refuge from the hot sun! It was necessary to feel the weather and understand that every living being needs someone or something at some point in time.

Over the years, the land has rested, knowledge and experience have improved, and now the place has been built on another level. By immersing oneself in the soul of plants, learning their growing conditions and reproducing them, as a gardener, this feeling - the feeling of nature is an even closer and bigger concept.

We want to offer you everything that a person grows and needs for life on an organic and nature-friendly basis.

For this purpose, we also created a website, called Nature Farm, which we are constantly developing so that you can order permanent flowers from the farm garden, fresh and dried food products on site by post.

Wishing you health,

Nature Farm E-shop